Christmas History Walk

Today on the Christmas History Walk in Windsor

The weather cleared up

Today we had visitors from Old Windsor and Switzerland.

A Walk in Eton

This was taken on A Walk in Eton and it should really have a caption like.. Here’s where I change in to Super Guide! A Walk in Eton has become very popular with visitors and people in eduction who want to know more about the Gentlemen’s Factory – Eton College. We’ve extended the walk for 2020 by another 30 minutes so this is now a 2 hour walk. More details here.

Christmas History Walk

This Christmas get out and about in Windsor on Royal Windsor Tours Christmas History Walk. Starting on 26th December – 31st December 2019 at 1pm.

No more mince pies, time to get out and walk and enjoy the day.
Limited places available.

More details and tickets here.

Double Walk

Students from the International Students House attend a double walk of both Windsor & Eton. Want to bring your group on a double walk and want to find out more. Please contact us on

This image courtesy of International Students House.

Time for a break at the Esquires Coffee Shop

Another great review on Trip Advisor

Visitors from the UK and South Africa

Check out our latest review for the Military history walk here.

I love my job

Visitors from the UK and South Africa

I have a great job telling everyone about the countries history. It’s awesome.

Luxembourg Visitors

It was a great pleasure to take Fernand Kartheiser and Sylvie Mischel on A Walk in Eton yesterday. They both wanted to find out what life was like in Eton. Fernand is a top diplomat and politician in Luxembourg and Sylvie Mischel works for the Central Bank of Luxembourg as a business analyst. It was a wonderful time and a real pleasure to have them attend.

Guided Tour of Tudor Coventry.

Paul Curtis

Check out Paul Curtis in Coventry who has a unique way of presenting history – History with character. To people visiting Coventry I highly recommend his tour.

Tickets from Eventbrite

New Review

The following review came to me today from one of our agents who sells tickets for us.

Delightful Day!

Paddy’s knowledge of the area and its history was wonderful. His respect for the community, his country and the Royal Family was evident. I enjoyed every minute of the tour and delighted in his company.

Ceremony of the Garter

On Monday the 17th June 2019. Windsor Castle will host the Ceremony of the Garter an ancient ceremony going back to 1348 and started by King Edward III. There are a lucky few that have tickets to attend, but for the remaining visitors today an alternative.

Take one of our walks today. Starting at 10.45am The Military History Walk. In the afternoon at 1pm A Walk in Eton and later at 3.30pm Victoria 200. Tickets from or our website or from the Windsor Information Centre. You can also email us for more information at

There will be some change to our normal route in Windsor.

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