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Royal Windsor Tours Ltd are looking for Ex-Guardsmen who would like the opportunity to be trained up to become Tour Guides in Windsor. Part time hours available through 2019.

How would you like to meet people from around the world everyday and present to them history from an ex- soldiers perspective? How would you like to be a presenter of historical truth with flair and panache and put your own style to it? How about telling some of your own stories and experiences of being on guard for the Queen? So exciting right? read on.

Qualities we are looking for are confidence, ability to learn, ability to retain knowledge and charm. It’s all about winning your audience to your side. We market ourselves as tour guides who present history with character. A lot of this can be developed if it’s not all ready resident in you.

You know the score you need to be well dressed. It’s important to a lot of our visitors. It goes without saying we are representing the nation, the royal family, Windsor and our regiments.

If you have served with the Guards Division and would like an opportunity to try your hand in presenting history. Drop a CV to

Apply now for this totally unique life changing experience, its not just another job.

Working for Royal Windsor Tours is truly dynamic.

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