A Walk in Eton

The Ancient Paths of Eton

Discover the town next to Windsor that has a heritage going back to Anglo Saxon times. Eton High Street was the ancient road to London during medieval days. So all the medieval Monarchs would have traveled upon it. This is just one interesting fact about Eton.

A Walk in Eton is a ninety minute walk around Eton and it’s college. In this amazing walk we will take in the beauty of Eton as a village. Gaze at the amazing architecture and landscape. Learn about the history and facts about Eton. We will also discuss King Henry 6th and the founding of the college.  Who were the earliest influencers at Eton College and the incredible legacy of it’s famous OE’s – Old Etonians.

Also discover the important issues surrounding the management of this special land of Eton. Why are Eton’s bridges so important to the Monarchs and much more. We will look back at Eton’s spiritual life, past and present. A great experience.

Tickets here and also available from the Windsor Information Centre. There are limited places available. Groups up to eight in size. Please note that Eton College is a private business and we are restricted in our access.


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Tickets are now available for A Walk in Eton at 1pm Monday to Friday till the 31st October 2019. This can also be requested for group visits.

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