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Cambridge Gate

Royal Windsor Tours is a unique company with a unique position within the tour industry. We get access in to areas where other tour guides don’t go. We do this by our friendship and association with the military. We are very privileged. This gives us the ability to offer a more experienced tour than just a head knowledge.

We facilitate for both (FIT) Fully Independent Travelers, Group Tours and Group Tours with interpretation.

The Military History Walk and A Walk in Eton are ideal for Independent Travelers because you can buy a (walk up*) ticket to be part of a group of like minded visitors and not have to pay the price of a group tour. That’s why our prices are very reasonable and accessible. There is no interpretation available for this walk. This walk is carried out in the English language alone. No interpretation is available on this service.

Royal Windsor Tours can lead and guide your Group Tour on your own Special Group Tour at a time and date suitable for your program. Please contact us to book (book up*) a Group Tour.

We can offer a interpreted service for a language of your choice using a interpreter. This needs to be booked ahead of time and requested as a Interpreted Service.

*Walk up means you can walk up to the Windsor Information Centre and buy a ticket.

*Book up means this needs to be booked up with us before hand and normally around 48 hours before the event.

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