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Partners in the Trade

Royal Windsor Tours believes in connecting with the right people. Especially from those who are looking for a win win situation. A lot of our opportunities are like that because we have a product that people want. But we can’t do that without partners and sellers.

B2B Opportunities

Royal Windsor Tours is seeking to connect with local, national and international vendors to work on custom built B2B ventures. If you are curious to see how we can work together please contact us. And do please sign up for our trade newsletter below.

How we currently work with clients

We currently have enquiries that work like this. e.g.

A company be it an agency or a seller approaches us with an enquiry for a guided walk on a certain date and time. Royal Windsor Tours gathers the information for the visit, then writes a proposal that forms the basis of our agreement. The booking is confirmed by the client and then payment in full is made. We don’t operate deposits on our transactions. You are either in or out. Receipts and other documents like tickets are sent to the client on confirmation of payment. We then contact you prior to your event and communicate with you as you arrive in Windsor. It is that simple.

If you are a new company, school, agency, seller or a well established business we want to hear from you. Why not book a time to speak with Paddy and discuss your idea?

Benefits for the Trade

The benefits of working with us as trade partners are simply great prices. Business to business planning.
Enhanced trust, honesty and reliability is our promise.

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