Big Days Out in Windsor

Big Day’s Out

You don’t want to miss this. When Windsor has an event everyone wants to get in on the day. Many people come to lap up the friendly expectant atmosphere. And let’s face it no one does it better than the British when it comes to pomp and circumstance. Windsor has some amazing big days out such as Royal Walk Abouts, State Visits, The Order of the Garter Ceremony and The Royal Guard Ceremonies. On this page we will post upcoming events that are not to be missed and are going to be a brilliant day out for the family.

Changing the Guard

Staring around the end of October we should see the Royal Guard start to transition in to wearing their grey coats – their winter wear. For more information on when the royal guard are marching please see here.  One of the best places to watch is at around 10.50am the New Guard make their way along the High Street and you can hear them getting closer as the band music gets much louder. You will notice other people standing around and waiting also. Great opportunity to take a picture.

Best Place to Watch

The best place to watch and get pictures are either along the High Street of Windsor or by purchasing a ticket and gaining access to Windsor Castle before 10.55hrs.  The ceremony takes place inside the Castle either in the lower ward or upper quadrangle depending on whether the Queen is home. Changes to the event taking place can occur – being conditional on other operational duties, wet weather and seasonal program. At around 11.20am the Old Guard gets ready to march back along the High St to Victoria Barracks.

State Visits

It is not known yet when the next State Visit will occur in Windsor.

Events so far this year are –

Royal Windsor Horse Show:
8th -12th May 2019.
Lady Gabriella Windsor Royal Wedding:
Lady Gabriella Windsor will married Thomas Kingston at St Georges Chapel on Saturday 18th May 2019.
Household Cavalry March:
The Household Cavalry exercised their right to a Freedom of Entry March through Windsor on Saturday 18 May 2019.
Ceremony of the Order of the Garter:
Monday the 17th June 2019.

Coming Events

A unique walk in London details to come through shortly.
Get tickets for our Christmas History Walk here.

Windsor Castle Closed Dates

Windsor Castle will be closed on the following days.
Wednesday 25th and 26th December. We will post other days when the Castle will be closed. The castle can also close early so consult their website for information here.

Make use of the Day

Avoid the disappointment of the day and don’t miss out on your history tour while in Windsor. Get the most of your visit and purchase a ticket for one of our walks here.

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