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A Walk in Eton

This was taken on A Walk in Eton and it should really have a caption like.. Here’s where I change in to Super Guide! A Walk in Eton has become very popular with visitors and people in eduction who want to know more about the Gentlemen’s Factory – Eton College.Read More …

Double Walk

Students from the International Students House attend a double walk of both Windsor & Eton. Want to bring your group on a double walk and want to find out more. Please contact us on This image courtesy of International Students House.

Luxembourg Visitors

It was a great pleasure to take Fernand Kartheiser and Sylvie Mischel on A Walk in Eton yesterday. They both wanted to find out what life was like in Eton. Fernand is a top diplomat and politician in Luxembourg and Sylvie Mischel works for the Central Bank of Luxembourg asRead More …

A Walk in Eton Review

It is such an honour to be doing this. We are very pleased with our latest review for A Walk in Eton. Tickets online here or over the counter at the Windsor Information Centre

Windsor Castle Closed

Tomorrow Windsor Castle is closed so don’t be left out in the cold. Why not sign up for ‘A Walk in Eton’. Tickets here Take the 90 minute walk around Eton and get insight in to the enormous history of the land, the establishing of Eton by King Henry VI.Read More …

A Walk In Eton

Starting on April 1st 2019 A Walk in Eton has now been extended to the end of October 2019. But only available Monday to Friday at 1pm. Contact us for other dates and times available in the year.

Tickets out now

A Walk in Eton Review

Check out a recent review for A Walk in Eton.

Autumn Winter Operations

Royal Windsor Tours is now in it’s Autumn/Winter hours and slowing down our walks for this season. 1) You can still get Exclusive Walks that will need to be booked ahead of time. 2) Our brand new Windsor and Eton Walk will also be available. Please ask us about this.Read More …

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