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We are delighted to get the following review of Victoria 200 Walk. You can see this on tripadvisor.

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Freedom of Entry Parade

This Saturday 18th May at 14.30 hours will see the Household Cavalry exercising their freedom to march through Windsor. It is in fact a goodbye parade. After 200 years of being in Windsor. The Household Cavalry have done Windsor proud and have been an outstanding and excellent regiment. It will be sad to see them go.

There are expected crowds of around 10-15,000 and as Windsor Castle is closed that day for the Royal Wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Tom Kingston, the castle is closed so there will be quite a gathering of visitors and veterans watching in Windsor on Saturday.

The parade starts at Combermere Barracks and on to the Long walk on to Park St, St Albans St, Castle Hill and the High St. The parade will advance and face the Guild Hall and pause for a short moment. It will then make it’s way back to Combermere Barracks.

24 Hour Guards

Starting the 10th of June we have the Royal Guard marching everyday. You can see them on the High St anytime from around 10.45am.

Bicycle Locking Areas

Occasionally we do get asked if visitors can bring their bikes with them on a walk, knowing that Berkshire is very popular with bicycle riders.

As Windsor is a heavily pedestrianized area it is difficult to carry and walk a bicycle around. So we encourage visitors who have bikes to use the bike locking areas around Windsor. The most central being the Windsor Royal Shopping Entrance. There are six racks located in that position and other locations include the following

Oxford Road East

William Street

Park Street

Bachelor Acre – next to disabled parking.

River street Car Park

Thames Street (Windsor Bridge)

There are racks available in both train stations.

See a map of Windsor here.

Household Cavalry March

The Household Cavalry will be Exercising their Freedom to march through Windsor on Saturday 18th May at 14.30pm. The Cavalry have been based here for over two hundred years so it will be a goodbye to Windsor Parade. They are due to move down to Salisbury Plain as part of the Army’s Restructuring. The parade will be around 14.30hrs but an early morning parade will also take place. This is the day of Lady Gabriella’s wedding so Windsor Castle will be closed. So you can expect heavy pedestrianized areas, road closures and parking restrictions in place. They will all be published here.

The parade route will include the Long Walk, Park Street, St Albans Street, Castle Hill, High Street, Sheet Street and the Kings Road, with the regiment pausing briefly at the Guildhall where a Salute will be taken.

New Recommendation

Paddy on English and Canadian TV

Yesterday was the announcement of the birth of HRH Harry and Meghan’s royal baby boy and Windsor was very much enjoying the celebration of it all. With plenty of media about I managed to get on to the 6 and 10pm news on the BBC and also Canadian TV also.

Job Opportunity

Royal Windsor Tours Ltd are looking for Ex-Guardsmen who would like the opportunity to be trained up to become Tour Guides in Windsor. Part time hours available through 2019.

How would you like to meet people from around the world everyday and present to them history from an ex- soldiers perspective? How would you like to be a presenter of historical truth with flair and panache and put your own style to it? How about telling some of your own stories and experiences of being on guard for the Queen? So exciting right? read on.

Qualities we are looking for are confidence, ability to learn, ability to retain knowledge and charm. It’s all about winning your audience to your side. We market ourselves as tour guides who present history with character. A lot of this can be developed if it’s not all ready resident in you.

You know the score you need to be well dressed. It’s important to a lot of our visitors. It goes without saying we are representing the nation, the royal family, Windsor and our regiments.

If you have served with the Guards Division and would like an opportunity to try your hand in presenting history. Drop a CV to

Apply now for this totally unique life changing experience, its not just another job.

Working for Royal Windsor Tours is truly dynamic.

Nintendo on the Military History Walk

We are delighted by the feedback and recommendation we have received from Nintendo. The eleven international executives attended the Military History Walk last week and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. They are a very professional team that had been gathered from around the world and had taken time out from their busy schedule to brush up on English culture and history. They gave us the following recommendation…

” We would highly recommend this tour, it’s value for money & the historic information”. Nintendo UK.

The busy executives had come from all around the world. And had taken time out to grasp some English culture and history. It was immense fun working with a Japanese interpreter. The weather stayed dry.

It was a great delight to receive this recommendation. And we continue to look forward to working with other corporate companies in the future.

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