The Military History Walk video. Music written and arranged by Tim Constable.

Affiliate Associate

Affiliate Program

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their hard work. So this is an opportunity for bridge builders and creative door openers. If you have that gift contact us on the email below.

Royal Windsor Tours believes in rewarding those who help us achieve our business goals. We want to reward Affiliates who help us by referring us to Group Tour Organisers. The lead must produce a successful sale for this to work. Which may not happen every time. But for those that do, we want to offer £40 as a reward for that referral or if you choose we can reward your favourite charity.

Contact us about becoming an Affiliate today on

Windsor Bowler Hat Revival

Paddy at Cambridge Gate

I have had many polite comments about my bowler. One young lady wanted to try it on and I allowed her. A local Windsorian said we need to revive Bowler Hat wearing in Windsor. Who thinks that is a good idea?

Welcome to Windsor

Welcome to Royal Windsor Tours website. Windsor is one of the friendliest towns in England. The Town boasts of over 3 million people visiting the local area of Windsor every year. And around 50% of visitors return to Windsor after visiting for the first time.

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