The London Military History Walk

Starting on 4th November 2019 is our new walk the London Military History Walk. An opportunity for visitors to London to be led by an Ex Royal Guard who has experienced many of the ceremonies surrounding the Royal family and has some great amusing and interesting stories to be told.

Winter Season

This season will run from 4th November to 23rd December and will start again on 3rd January 2020 till January 2020.


The Walk is around 4 hour to 4.5 hours. You need to be fit enough to walk. There is no pick up or drop off available.

Meeting Point

We meet at Buckingham Palace front next to Queen Victoria’s Memorial. Watch out for the man with a bowler hat. He will aslo have a Royal Windsor Tours badge.


Depending on which day you choose.

1) The Foot Guards change on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday held at Buckingham Palace.
2) The Horse Guards change on the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  1. We will be watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Or the Horse Guards Change at Whitehall.
  2. We will visit St James’s Palace and look at the tudor history. Both King Henry VII and Henry VIII influenced St James’s. Find out which royals live here now.
  3. Pall Mall is known for it’s gentlemen’s clubs. But there’s also a connection with MI5 and our countries spies as depicted by the story and films of James Bond 007.
  4. We go to Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column to see this amazing attraction. We find out what a great leader Admiral Nelson was.
  5. We visit the Charles I Banqueting House for a detailed 45 minute audio tour King Charles I had some amazing parties.
  6. The history of the Horse Guards at Whitehall. The restoration of King Charles II to the throne of England. We find out about the Life Guards, the Coldstream Guards and Grenadier Guards.
  7. We look at some of our amazing statues in London. There is a story behind each one.
  8. We pass by the government buildings of London. Find out how our country works. We will look at 10 Downing Street the home of our Prime Minister and the history of our politics.
  9. On the day when the foot guards perform their change we will visit the Guards Museum and on the day when the Horse Guards perform their change we will visit the Horse Guards Museum.


This walk will be outdoor and indoor. But be prepared for rain and cold. The walk will be only cancelled if the weather is severe. On those days you may be offered another day for your walk but not a refund.

We will also take time to visit the bathroom and time to grab a coffee or food as we go along.

This is set to be an amazing experience. Your chance to ask an Ex Royal Guard all that you ever wanted. Please use the form below to make an enquiry. We look forward to meeting you.

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